Drop the Backpack

Five alternative hiking styles to backpacks

Research: Looking at backpackers who have dropped their backpacks, and either use wheels or go ultra light or ultra simple. Here is a fast drawing where I try to sort out some main possible transformations of the classic backpacker hiker type:

Drawing of different alternatives to backpacks, most of them with wheels
Alternatives to hiking with backpack styles (sketch)

1) the business type, heading less into mountains and more to cultural and urban trails

2) Rolling walker style, getting old and taking smaller steps – but still heading on

3) Hermit style, going simple, ultra simple, instead of ultra light

4) The pull wagon style, going pioneer style

6) The baby jogger style, Picking up and re-styling a baby chariot or stroller for long distance walking

There’s properly many more species of transporting gear – hiking styles out there when your are heading down new trails on foot, will continue my research 🙂

Text and Free CreativeCommons Drawing By Frits Ahlefeldt

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