Bringing nature into towns?

Finding ideas for better and greener cities along the trails

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Girl hiking with a tree in the backpack
Bringing new ideas for thrive and greener cities back from the hiking trails

“Take only photographs, leave no trace” used to be the way to go when hiking, but new urban trends has emerged. Today cities all over the world are greening and nature is slowly finding its way back to the city centers

In some of the worlds most progressive cities nature is moving in, new green areas, roofs and vertical gardens appear. Car use is being restricted and car parking spots changed to parks.

So maybe it is time to look at finding new ways to be inspired by nature, and take new ideas for thrive, urban wild food, fruits and herbs with us back from the hiking trails. To better integrate life in the city with the benefits of nature.

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