Growing wild food along the hiking trails

Combining hiking with wild food for locals and hikers

Text and CreativeCommons licensed drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Combining hiking with wild food

Hiking is better if you are hiking light, and fresh wild food, fruits, nuts and herbs spice up the taste and don’t weight you down… so why not support local species of fruits, nuts and herbs along the trails, turning hiking trails into edible trails?

Locals, especially the elder often know where to find good, wild local resources of wild food. Berries, herbs and other vegetarian fresh and taste species, that can be enjoyed along the trails.

But commercial farming has made many of these species endangered, all over the world. To help the endemic species, and even enjoy the taste of local food is something that could not only help hikers go much lighter, but also help locals keep alive their traditional and varied sources of food.

There is a great potential in creating edible trails, both for nature, locals and hikers…

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