Wild food and hiking

Eating local while hiking often means wild food

CreativeCommons Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing of hikers picking wild fruit and food
Wild food as a new trail dimension in hiking

When on a hike you often pass by lot of nutritious food, especially on forest and back country trails. Places where people throughout history have been able to live off the land by knowing and supporting the thrive of a wide variety of species

Combining trails with support for endemic food species could both make the backpacks lighter, the locals and hikers healthier and everybody less dependent on plastic wrapped, fossil fuel transported industrial foods, from thousand of miles away.

The local food sources, fruit trees and other tasty alternatives are as if designed to grow right there, the soil often not used anymore, and the hiking trails are in place… giving access to these places. Why not combine this to upgrade our understandings, wild food sources and health  for free?

Learning from the “Food is free movement” 

There is already a huge and fast growing trend to support wild and free food, the whole “Food is free”
movement is taking off globally ( FoodisFree.org )  and more and more people are joining in.

It is just to take all these new understandings of local eating, community building and small scale farming –  And combine them with the ancient trail understandings of nomads and hikers, to create a much lighter and more sustainable way of hiking and supporting local life at the same time.

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