Pushing yourself, how far should you go?

Don’t push yourself over the edge, go hiking instead…

Text and CreativeCommons Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Don't push yourself over the edge, go hiking instead...
Don’t push yourself over the edge, go hiking instead…

“Try harder…  push the limits, your abilities, your relations and your accomplishments all the time,  try, try and TRY HARDER” is the mantra of much modern high achiever talk, both in business and in private life.  And people do it and fall, blow up, jump, crack, bend and go down, all over in their jobs, relationships, homes and health, pushing themselves so hard, across all the red lights and stress warnings.

Can hiking be an alternative, or is it just another thing to accomplish, another goal to reach? 

Hiking is slow, sometimes painstakingly slow, walking takes a billion years, or at least footsteps to get anywhere… it might be the absolute least fast way to get anywhere… fast.

So there is a different limit for you… Don’t go fast, don’t rush, just walk, one step at a time, don’t push yourself over the edge…

Just walk, take a different trail and enjoy it instead, going slow, one step at a time…

Drawing: texted version for free use (no changes please) 🙂

CreativeCommons drawing of a girl pushing herself over an edge
Texted Don’t push yourself over the edge drawing


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