Evolution of a long distance hiker

Hiking light often comes easy as you start walking

Text and CreativeCommons drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

One of the most used advices to new hikers is to travel light, to go for paper thin-titanium gadgets and other ultra expensive gear.

But instead of spending a fortune on things you might never need,  it is better just to start out with whatever hiking-gear you have, take a few short 3-5 days hiking trips and learn as you walk and meet other hikers, before deciding on the gear you want to invest in and take along on any longer hike. After a few weeks on the trails you will know much better exactly what you need and what you don’t need

Hiker with a backpack that gets lighter and lighter as he walks on
evolution of a long distance hiker
Drawing of a hiker with heavy backpack

Backpacker starting out with heavy backpack

Drawing of a backpacker with a mid size pack
Hiker with mid sized backpack
Drawing of a backpacker with a light pack
Hiker with light backpack

Drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

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