Connecting cities with special places

Drawing and note by Frits Ahlefeldt

drawing of a hiking trail to a lighthouse

Connecting the cities of tomorrow to special places along hiking trails

There is something special about heading out of town on foot, to head for one of those places, where the “feeling” of a place is very strong.  Places like lighthouses, old castle or church ruins, temples, mountain tops, waterfalls, legendary trees, views and caves etc. all qualify

These trails are one of the great trail archetypes and many cities have several of these walking pivotal points close by, just waiting to be explored much more.  The challenge is often for the city planners and trail designers to open their eyes to how important this is and find and create good walking trails to connect the people in the cities to these magical places.

When it happens it can empower people and create thrive and a feeling of identity in the cities in very strong ways.

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