Seven ways hiking can help deal with climate change

Hiking can actually help us deal with climate change in quite a few ways:

  1. Create “climate trails”
    New hiking trails can be designed to follow waterways and we can build reservoirs and delay water protection systems into the trail designs to create a new kind of “Climate Trails” that can both store, delay and direct the water in better ways than today.
  2. Create Dyke trails
    Hiking trails along the coast and river-lines can be designed to help protect the land against flooding and also work as rescue and repair pathways in a storm-surge or flooding situation
  3. Create nature parks and recreational areas to protect aquifers
    Important aquifers and ground water resources can be stabilized and protected by making nature parks and recreation areas / trails on top of them.
  4. Adapt outdoor innovation to an urban context / scale
    Extreme weather protection gear and resource optimization products from hiking are often off-grid functional, easy to repair and are designed to keep working under extreme conditions…  Some of these might be adjusted to be used in an urban context and scale
  5. Use hikers logic for a change of attitude
    Hiking is based on sharing a connected network system, that everybody benefits from (hiking trails) – If we could somehow be inspired by this logic, we might create whole new types of solutions
  6. Practice simple and Nomadic living techniques
    Hikers practice a number of minimalist techniques based on being capable of dealing with constant change and quick movement and adaptions – without stress. These techniques could soon become very important for others than hikers…
  7. Minimize use of resources
    Hiking can become a CO2 reducing habit, walking instead of driving, not buying more than you can carry, strolling to the park or local city center, instead of to the giga-mall or skating ring, buying local farmers produce, finding wild food, being more fit, using machines less and nature more.

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