Using powerpoints from last year to talk about the future

Hard to find new trails when we all just sit and listen to the same worn out Powerpoint presentations

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

drawing of powerpoint presentation about the future
PowerPoint presentation concerning the future

I’ve seen a lot of Powerpoint presentations about the future, but not that many from people who walk the talk, not that many of us who talk about what we personally do to face the challenges – instead the future seems to be all about trends, statistics and scenarios

From Climate change to the out over a vertical cliff 58% percent biodiversity loss, to lack of thrive, to the sky rocketing amounts of psycho pharmacy drugs, swallowed by a global stressed out + 7 billion human population, and flushed out through a billion toilets, straight into nature, to drive the still living species out there even more crazy.

The tendencies and trends all point to the conclusion that concerning the future – immediate action is needed. Like we need to start to do things differently right now, to start walking in new and different directions…   But nobody gets up – we all sit there in the dark and listen to the same alarming TED talks about the future, the bleak statistics and All Gore inconvenient, dusty truths scenarios… from a few years ago – still without moving our feet.

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