Elf hiker

Drawing of the Legendary Mythical Hiker Elf

Illustration and text by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

Tiny shy hiker creatures, known throughout history, but very seldom seen

Drawing of a elf hiking, with a backpack in winter time.
Elf hiker, tiny magical hikertype, can follow hikers for long distances, without being seen.

Elfs are small magical creatures, that reportedly can reach an age of several hundred years. The hiker elf is known from stories all over the world and often described as being able to do magical things, like becoming invisible.  The hiker elf is at home out in the landscapes and have a huge knowledge of nature, they might even be seen as nomadic. The hiker elf can follow hikers for many miles almost always without being noticed. And they have been said to help hikers find the way in bad weather, help find lost items, they can hold tents steady at night and cheer hikers up in many other ways. Some stories also say you need to treat them well, if you should be so lucky to meet one of these small mythical wanderers

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