The Flaneur Hiker – strolling the trails

Drawing the Flaneur hiker Archetype

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

illustration of an flaneur walking with a backpack, classic dressed gentleman hiker type
The Flaneur hiker strolling along the trails of life

Sketching up Hiker types, I’ve reached the Flaneur ( flâneur in french, sometimes also called “boulevardier” ) The Flaneur is one of the most legendary hiker archetypes, especially known from Paris ( France ), in the 1700-1900 century, where the Flaneurs would stroll the streets, to become both one with the street life, and observe it at the same time. The Flaneurs soon walked everywhere, and would become a whole movement of  wandering, possible playing an important part in the start of the modern hiking movement, as relaxed dressed, gentlemen hiker types, poets and observers. The flaneur hiker type is somehow related to both the Boheme and the Dandy. ( two other old yet different hiker types) Read more about the Flaneur on Wikipedia

Walking style

The Flaneur walks lightly, without effort, but slightly distanced, in a kind of, “take it easy, leave no trace, and take only notes.” way. The flaneurs spend most of their time along the trails reflecting over the nature and flow of whatever they might meet on their way, preferring the logic of the umbrella, to the logic of Goretex.

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