hiker and farmer talking food along a trail

We need to get much better at connecting hikers to locals and the landscapes – and food is a great way

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

Just came back from a food fair, watching people connect over food. Is there any more genuine way for hikers to both connect to the locals and the land, without words? – simple by follow the old saying: “you become what you eat” sharing food experiences. And, instead of relying on freeze dried food from nowhere, in the backpack, ¬†relate through tasting the land and the local ways of eating, together with people who live their lives along the trails¬†

Drawing live from a food fair

Eating together is a way hikers and locals can use much more

drawing of people celebrating food together

Eating is a wordless way of relating both to the land and to each other

hiker and farmer talking food along a trail

Hiker and farmer relating over food

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