Can hiking solve global problems?

If you wonder what to do – start walking

Stop fighting – start hiking drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

There are many challenges to our small blue planet right now. From armed conflicts, to global threats of epidemics, population growth, culture clash and lack of resources – and a very, very strange distribution of them – First step to solve any challenge is most often to get a different perspective on everything. And to my experience the best and fastest way to get that is to start walking

When you walk, you can only carry a little, and only take one step at the time – just those two things can really make a great difference to anybody’s understanding, after a few days. First you start realize that it is actually not that scary to spend the nights under the sky. Second you realize how little – and much you have to lose, when what you got, is more about who you are, and how you handle challenges, than about fancy stuff you can buy to strap to your back.

drawing of two dogs fighting over a planet

First step in solving conflicts and challenges is most often to let go, to understand them from a different perspectiveWhen you let go and start walking, then you start to change perspective, you meet people way different from you, and realize, when everybody get out of their comfort zones, conflicts, cars, houses and suits, we are all a lot alike – and share more than divide us – and more than anything we share life.

And Life is so much more important than anything, anybody can ever buy or claim. But it is not something you can realize from behind walls or wheels or screens, or by holding tight unto what you claim to be yours, but much more something you can understand from walking and sharing trails and stories, while walking.

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