Watercolor of Layap woman Bhutan, painting by frits Ahlefeldt

Trails The Snowman Trek first version up

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Start of collection of hiking trails around the world

There are many amazing hiking trails in the world and today I’ve started a section on trails to hike around the world.  It’s been – and will be a work in progress for a long time, but here are the first short intro to the first trail up now: The Snowman Trail in the tiny kingdom Bhutan between India and China

The Snowman trail is a 200miles / 320 km. tough hiking trail in Bhutan, heading over some high passes in the Himalayas: read about it here

Snowman Trek in hiking.org  trails collection

Watercolor of Layjap woman with conical hat
there are only around 1000 left of the Layjap semi-nomadic indigenous people, mostly in the village of Laya. The woman wear special conical hats and they have a quite special cultural structure.


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