When you don’t have a minute

Time is such a strange thing, on hikes we define progress in steps taken in the right direction, and time seems to be something else, than when we stand still

Thoughts on walking and if we have a minute

text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

When hiking in a group and you need to take your jacket off, take a sip of your water bottle, snap a photo or want take a minute to enjoy the view you politely ask people for a minute – And when in need of help we reach out a hand, or if we want to get a second opinion on something, or just someone to listen to thoughts that has filled up our heads for too long, we ask the same question: “Do you have a minute?” – But sadly in our modern world most of us do not have those extra minutes to take from. Good thing is there is a solution to this lack of minutes problem

The question you can’t think about

“Do you have a minute” is one of those questions you really can’t think about for too long. Thinking about it would take a minute just there, a minute you lost, before you even gave it away, so more and more often the answer we give is “sorry, but no”, before we hurry on

No is the quick answer, at least if we can’t trust that our limited time is absolutely worth it. But there is a pathway to do both. A not so secret trick, that can add extra minutes where there is a lack of them and to those who needs them most…. it is called: “Can we walk and talk?”

The secret about Walk and Talk is that it gives you that minute – for free, and a bonus

Free minutes is in the core of why “walk and talk” works so well, In a minute most hikers walk between 100 -120 steps, and in many ways, if those steps get you heading in the right direction, they are all that matters.

If your clock breaks down, don’t give up

Walking and talking will not stop your progress, or block your mental capacity, instead it will help clear your mind, listen better, boost your creativity and give you just that extra minute you need so badly – and for free. And that is why so many philosophers, business leaders and inventors etc. use walking. It is as if it magically gives extra time.

So if your clock brakes down and you’re out of minutes, and all you want to do is to give up, don’t, it won’t give you time, it will just take time, lots and lots of it… A better way to go is to say: “Can we walk and talk?”

clock repair shop man asking hiker

Sometimes a minute is all you need when your clock has broken down – walk and talk can give you that, and more…

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