Make friends with a tree

Connect with a tree – It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship… ( Casablanca Quote)

Connecting to the trees

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

When hiking on forest trails you can feel like you are not alone, and with good reason. From ancient times we humans have connected to trees, In Europe actually so much that the Roman empire, when conquering new land in the North, was said to cut down all the sacred old oak trees, just to weaken the local druids and their native connection to these giant, place-defining creatures

Trees as sentient beings

New thoughts and knowledge about trees have re-erected these rooted beings to be more aware, communicating and experiencing than science had any idea about just a few years back. Books like “The hidden life of trees” by Peter Wohlleben ( Wikipedia link ) are slowly helping both scientists and the rest of us to change our understanding of trees in Western countries. In Asia the connection with trees used to be very well understood

Shinrin-Yoku – Forest Bathing

The feeling of being among trees is special, some might even say it can be healing. In Japan they have an expression that have been translated as “bathing with trees” – The Japanese practise of Shinrin-Yoku is ( as far as I have understood) all about connecting and practicing ancient ways of being among trees, both to (re)gain wisdom, cleaning, well-being and balance

( Read more about forest bathing on )

Hikers and trees

Connecting to trees have a lot of benefits both on a personal level, on a community level and even on a global scale. Trees help us thrive and people are experiencing better thrive, just by looking at trees. On a local scale trees protect the local biodiversity, water resources and helps to regulate and protect the temperatures from going through the roof. On a global scale trees are one of our most important resources and also one of our best allies in our battle to face climate change. So next time you are around a tree remember to appreciate all the good things they stand for.

Connecting with trees can help thrive, well-being and happiness, so say hello next time you are close to one – It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship… 🙂 

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