Technological hope and hiking

Can technology save the logic of the industrial era – and do we really want to save it?

Technology can help us – or the outdated logic of industrial Growth

Text and thoughts by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Drones, apps, the internet… and a lot of other technologies are used today to continue and to feed the outdated linear industrial logic of buy and throw out. A logic that is not well adapted to anything else on our planet. But it can be different. We can start to use our new technology together with a different kind of logic – The logic of hiking

Hiking builds on an ancient kind of nomadic circular logic, that have carried us well for hundred thousand of years. It is a logic that is based on the simple fact that we will all leave this place as alone in the end, and with as little, as we came into the world with. And all we can truly call ours is the steps we took along the way. 

With that in mind producing, and grasping more than we need does not make much sense – But other things makes much more sense. Things like that we relate to and treat our surroundings with respect and enjoy our paths, while we are here. 

Relationships matters, so do nature, and the simple fact, as all hikers know, that our footsteps will define the trails of tomorrow. And we decide by the steps we take, not by our noble intentions or excuses.

So for the sake of everybody, both ours and the generations to follow in our footsteps – we should use our technology, not to lift the outdated, destructive lifestyle of industrialism any further… But to break free from it, using technology to do more with less. 

Technology can be used either to continue the destructive logic of industrialism – or to make it possible for us to break free from it

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