From shops to distribution centers

Local communities vs global platforms of service

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Today the villages at Christmas time look very different People now buy their gifts on their screens and celebrate the holidays online, liking selfies of each other on Facebook

While walking through villages, I can see people watching screens, all by themselves, while the local shops are closed for good.

Reality has moved online helped by global and gigantic digital platforms distributing all the stuff, entertainment and information we will ever need

All controlled and monitored by artificial intelligence and operated by more and more without any humans involved, while they keep a list of each and one of us, of all the good and bad things we’ve ever done, and give us small extra presents and discounts if we are behaving well…

Digital Christmas

Not only do we buy our presents over the web, we also wish people happy holidays and send hearts at their portraits, inserted on animated winter landscapes on our phones.

These digital cloud-based systems are often free to use, as the cost of using them are covered by collecting and selling the information these systems carefully collect.

Drawing of Santa Claus on a huge chimney with a businessman offer to distribute presents for free. Frits Ahlefeldt. Illustration
Santa Claus and the global digital platforms

Good things come from spending time together in the real world

Good things comes from good relationships and from spending time together, from walking together, from caring, smiling, helping and saying happy holiday to those around us, relating in good ways, to our planet ,to our places and to those around us – And that is the best gift we can give each other.

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