Life is the ultimate long distance hike

The walk of life is one of the most used metaphors in our language and in making sense of landscapes of understandings

Walking from cradle to Grave

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

A through-hiker is one that walks the whole trail, and it just dawned on me that, in that sense, we’re all through-hikers, and it gives a different perspective on what might be important along the trail

Learning by walking

The image of the path is known from almost all cultures around the world, often as a line of time and experiences we all walk along. Each and one of us in our unique ways, making it through the days, step by step… and maybe a few of the classic hiking tips can be an inspiration:

Travel light

We can’t bring much more with us as we are moving on, so we need to be careful about what we bring along

Leave yesterday behind

Turning around to go back is seldom something that makes neither a hike or life much better. The days change and so do we. Regrets are not the same as learning from mistakes, and snapshots are seldom something many of us really care much for tomorrow… so maybe we should leave those behind too.

Don’t rush – You get there

Taking one step at a time along the trail is most often the best way to move forward, changing trails are hard, so consider it carefully. Giving up is an illusion, you can change trails and direction, but in life you should never give up.

Enjoy the hike

It might rain, storm and snow, but still, that is to be expected, sometimes you might even find, the weather inside and outside align in strange ways. Even sometimes we may not get the weather we want… but the weather we need…

Two hikers meet one ask the other are you doing the whole trail. Yes from cradle to grave the other answer. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Life as a long distance hike

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