Staying safe AND sane under pandemic, by walking

In 2020 a new pandemic ( Covid-19 ) is swiping across the globe and there seems to be at least two strategies to face it: Staying safe and in self-isolation, in sterile surroundings – And staying sane by connecting to nature

Walking in nature to stay sane

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

In the news we hear that to stop the new Covid-19 virus from spreading, we can’t self-isolate too much, clean our surroundings too much, or wash our hands too much.

It seems like the more sterile, self-isolated and social distanced we can be, the better. But it is also getting more and more clear that if we all live in fear, isolated and alone, spending our time constantly cleaning everything around us… it might not exactly be a great strategy to stay sane

Something else is needed, we have to find a balance, to keep sane too. To walk in nature, to work in a garden or to connect with nature in other ways, while keeping a distance to other people, can be among the best ways to re-establish a balance under the pandemic – Staying both safe and sane.

Drawing of a sterile hospital space connected to a healing nature space, illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Finding a balance to stay both safe and sane

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