By Frits Ahlefeldt. Founder of Hiking.org

Hiking.org is about the sustainability, thrive, challenges, philosophy, storytelling, technology and other understandings of hiking

portrait Frits Ahlefeldt, HikingArtist
Frits Ahlefeldt – It is me who draw, write, program and sketch up the ideas, art and stories here 🙂

There is a lot of people out on the trails that know a lot about hiking and are walking… I’ve been meeting, watching and reading about them for many years and also still, whenever I can,  I head out on the trails to meet the hikers or follow in their footsteps.

The Project

Some years ago I stumbled across a very special chance to start Hiking.org

And even though everything about Hiking.org is still in the making, I am doing my humble best to share some of the hikers incredible stories and experiences, and also research how trails, paths and all other things hiking works – in words, sketches, watercolors and photos.

I work to make Hiking.Org a place with philosophical thoughts from all over the world, about why hiking is one of the most amazing, most sustainable,  and also one of the most ancient ways of building and confirming our relationship, both with the landscapes, with the planet and with each other.

Last I hope to research and share some of the knowledge and experience from trail building and the culture of hiking. To help discuss better ways to plan, design and develop the trails, and how to make walking them an essential part of a sustainable global lifestyle, open for all.

That’s the plan – I am now taking one step at the time, every day

About me

Portrait of Frits ahlefeldt
Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

The short version about me is that I have a background in landscape design and ecology, architecture and communication. For the last around 30 years I have been working to both find and draw up existing and new ways to connect us to nature, and to more sustainable lifestyles and thrive… and I really believe that one of the best ways to do this is through creating new hiking-paths and keeping the old ones alive… by walking them and sharing the stories, to become part of them.

All the best to all of you hikers and walkers out there
Frits Ahlefeldt


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