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Social media guides – Magician vs Wizard

Experts are ready to guide us along the digital trails. Social media magicians and wizards are among them…

Drawing of a man looking at his digital twin, as a mirror image on a screen

Meet your digital twin

Get ready to meet a faster, smarter and more connected version of yourself…

Three fishermen walking, granddad, dad and son
Old factory blocking the sun of tomorrow

Giving up the outdated solutions of yesterday for a smarter tomorrow

Don’t let the outdated solutions of yesterday block the sustainable technology of tomorrow

Drawing of a chimney with moon and stars, and a man climbing to the top

Learning from the past – three ways of finding more sustainable paths

Combining experience of what went wrong, with modular design inspiration from nature and cutting edge technology, to create more sustainable and natural solutions and designs

Inversed umbrella with green plants, working as a water purification system

Nature’s water purification

Reversed green umbrella water purification system

Sketch of a V3Solar power generator mounted on a backpack - drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Cone solar power for hiking concept

Idea for an ultra-efficient, direction independent backpack mounted solar power panel

Drawing of a school in a tree

Smart nature is better than smart boards

Teaching kids about reality outdoors is much, much smarter than any digital smart-board

Concept for a self driving backpack

Self driving wheel backpacks

Sketching up my ideas for what hiking might be in the future

People walking inside a box

Thinking inside the box outside

Walking without leaving your comfort-zone

drawing of a hiker with a robot in a baby carrier
Drawing of a body in nature and a head in digital technology

Walking to bridge the gap

Healing the split between the head and the body by walking

Drawing of a tree with a water tap

Eco water pump

Nature is a brilliant and very experienced designer… she can be a great inspiration and guide to a more sustainable future

Drawing of a girl with backpack and a virtual reality mask out on the trails
Ideas flying out of golden cage

Ideas like trails need to be free

Hiking and innovation has a lot in common(s)

Hiker with a backpack that gets lighter and lighter as he walks on

Evolution of a long distance hiker

You don’t need to start out light, just go hiking and you will get there… 🙂

Non electrical trail use wheelchairs

wheelchair for hiking research sketches

Research drawings and ideas for trail going wheelchairs

Drawing of a fish with a backpack

Hiking and innovation through evolution

Walking was one of our first great ideas, and ever since we have used it to think up new ones