Wandering bird

Logbook 21. August 2018 – Drawing of a wandering bird, backpack and boots

Elves hiking

Glimpse of one of the elf creatures along the trail

Troll hiker

Hiker troll, sketching up some of the more amazing hiker types you can meet on the trails

Bird hiker

Bird-watching and hiking #hikertypes illustration

Dog hiker

Drawing up hiker types: Dog hiker, walking with a dog

Expedition hikers

Expedition hikers, mastering and enduring, extreme conditions and places

Ultra hiker

The Ultra Hiker, walking to push the limits for what is possible

Off grid hiker

Becoming one with nature, living off the land connecting to the universe, the old school way

Music hiker

The Music Hiker – Making music and singing songs along the hiking trails

Veteran hiker

Veteran hiker, soldier walking on along the hiking trails

Mood hiker

Maybe it is not the weather, but change that affect our feelings the most

Fodie hiker

Drawing: taste the landscapes to relate better to the land