Drawing with a woman looking at a signpost with "your future on both ways. with Quote by George Harrison - if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there...

Even though all trails lead to the future, you still have to pick one

It is no use walking anywhere quote from Francis Assisi

The Italian monk and philosopher Francis of Assisi walked his wisdom

watercolor of butterfly and quote by Zhuangzi, chinese philosopher, china

Fluttering Reality – Watercolor sketches of butterflies

I like long walks especially when they are taken by people who annoy me - quote by fred allen, illustration by frits ahlefeldt

Walking can solve conflicts in many ways…

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty, today she is 97 and we don't know where the hell she is - Quote from Ellen DeGeneres, Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, hiking.org

Effect of walking long distance quote

Life is like getting dropped of in the middle of the woods and then year by year gradually walking home

Life is like walking home – april Foiles quote

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”

Helen Keller