Old factory blocking the sun of tomorrow

Don’t let the outdated solutions of yesterday block the sustainable technology of tomorrow

When you walk, you can only carry a little, and only take one step at the time – just those two things can really make a great difference to anybody’s understanding, after a few days

hiker and farmer talking food along a trail

Connecting people to the land, sketches from a food fair. Relating through eating is very special and without words

Man walking with a clock on his back

Time hiker illustration

Drawing of a scale with nature, us and Earth on one side and money on the other

The problem of how money, as a measure of everything, ends up defining everything

Drawing of people fishing in a river of money illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Cash flow out in the landscapes of understanding

Drawing of a truck with a very long straw stopping by a small well

When short term solutions destroy long term benefits

Drawing of people with heads as calculators

Hiking away from numbers

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

More and more we live in a calculated reality, we invest in our families, we optimize minutes with our kids and at work our lives are on the mercy of how the numbers add up in the spreadsheet… even thrive is something we invest in, to get “better results”  – and in walking, the 10.000 steps a day is going mainstream

Drawing of people with heads as calculators

Are we becoming living calculators

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farmer with wheelbarrow with sprout meets banker with wheelbarrow with money
Woman picking fruit from a tree

Drawing: picking fruit along the trails

Drawing: taste the landscapes to relate better to the land

drawing of the press, politician, business and science sitting at a bar wondering what went wrong

Time to close the bar and start walking…

drawing a trail teacher learning kids about edible plants

Learning about food on the trails

Drawing of a soup kitchen man with a pot full of money redistributing wealth

Are the benefits of walking so many that society would be better off, compensating people who chose to live their life on foot?

Drawing of hikers picking wild fruit and food

Learning from the Food is Free movement

Drawing of leaves around Earth in space

How hiking can help make the world better

Helping biodiversity, locals and hikers at the same time by making the trails edible

Drawing of a planet and money speedometer

Drawing about how we are running out of planet faster than the companies can pay out their bonuses