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Telling stories and walking news

Man sitting at campfire thinking maybe I am just a book aliens are reading on a star, while the stars and a white rabbit watch him

Reality as a story

Logbook thought: Maybe I am just a book some aliens are reading…

Hiking sitting at cross road and a quote: "nothing will work unless you do" by Maya Angelou

Nothing will work unless you do

Quote by Maya Angelou Amazing wanderer exploring, writing and combining winding paths inside and outside her head for more than eighty years

Hiker being explained not to litter by a big troll Leave no Trash text, illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

Leave no Trash

Leave No Trash – How we might get better at keeping the trails clean

Reflection photo of man sitting in seven-eleven

Logbook 31 Dec. One step at a time

Logbook note 31 Dec. : “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” (Old Chinese Proverb )

Watercolor of wildlife in suits

12 good reasons to preserve wilderness

We need to preserve the last areas of wilderness on the planet, here are 12 reasons why

Drawing of watercolor sketching gear

How to make a drawn logbook while hiking

Ideas about how to sketch up a logbook when hiking

Drawing of a presentation about the amount of powerpoint presentations
Man saying what trail, I'm on a storyline

Paths and storylines

Research note on the possible connection between storytelling, trails and walking ( and Bruce Chatwin’s songlines )

Drawing of a man walking while thinking I walk therefore I think

Walk to think

I Walk therefore I think… Thoughts and notes about walking, learning from philosophers way back

Drawing of a woman walking with notebook and pen, writing

Storytelling hiker

The Storyteller hiker – walking to tell stories

drawing of powerpoint presentation about the future
Woman looking between two lines of text

Walk to look between the lines

Hiking can help you change perspective and create new understandings

Drawing of a hiking caching the tail of something
Watercolor of an old house

Sketching places and listening to stories

Drawing places sometimes make the locals share their stories with you

Salamander watercolour by frits Ahlefeldt

Water biodiversity often depends on if people care

Walking along rivers and streams, hikers can secure and care for local biodiversity

Walk with me video clips

Funny walk and talk film clips (Youtube less than 2 min. )

Different trails leading to a campfire

Fireside Talks

Part of hiking is the evenings under an open sky, where stories come to live in ancient ways