Group of people becoming a bridge helping a man in the water

Strategies to get from A to B in the best way

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt;

From diets to disruption – A collection of strategies and bridge metaphors we use to get across a difficult place or gap.

Drawing of two bridge builders

The Practical Bridge – getting things done

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Drawing with a woman looking at a signpost with "your future on both ways. with Quote by George Harrison - if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there...

Even though all trails lead to the future, you still have to pick one

Drawing of an elver hiking, walking very llightly

Glimpse of one of the elf creatures along the trail

Life is like getting dropped of in the middle of the woods and then year by year gradually walking home

Life is like walking home – april Foiles quote

Drawing and Chinese proverb: The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on water, but to walk on earth

Chinese Proverb – the miracle

Man walking with umbrella under a cloud with the text: Worrying is stupid. it's like walking around with an umbrella, waiting for it to rain"

Wiz Khalifa quote

New focus: Learning how to better deal with conflicts, through hiking

Man walking with a clock on his back

Time hiker illustration

Hitchhiker illustration, standing with sign saying home please

Some are drifters, some just want to go home…

Drawing of a puzzle piece in doubt if it is a team player
Illustration of a classic ghost with a backpack

Drawing up hiker types

Drawing of a spiritual hiker

Hiking as a spiritual practice #hikertypes drawings

illustration of an flaneur walking with a backpack, classic dressed gentleman hiker type
Drawing of a troll hiking

Hiker troll, sketching up some of the more amazing hiker types you can meet on the trails

man with backpack walking and watching birds

Bird-watching and hiking #hikertypes illustration

man, woman and kid in baby carrier out hiking

Drawing up Hiker types

hikertypes - dog hiker illustration, girl with backpack walking with a dog

Drawing up hiker types: Dog hiker, walking with a dog

Woman walking with headlamp at night drawing

The night hiker hiking type