Category: community

Drawing about relationships and communities

Group of people becoming a bridge helping a man in the water

Seven bridges over troubled water

From Diets to Disruption – Seven strategies to move across difficult places

Drawing of a puzzle piece in doubt if it is a team player

being a team player

Fitting in is not always easy, but along the trails it is a very different challenge

drawing of powerpoint presentation about the future
Group of people building a snowheart together
Drawing of a team connected by a rope, some dragging together one dragging in the other direction

Are you dragging people up or down?

If you want to get to know someone… go hiking with them

drawing of wall builders and bridge builders

Bridge and wall builders

Landscape and trail design between wall and bridge builders

Part of a me team?

Hiking can help people work better together

drawing of a camp fire
Self deception, over confidence and optimism show up together
Illustration of two hikers, heading out while the cars pass over their heads
Group of people hugging a tree drawing

Slow hiking is about Relating instead of Rushing

Don’t treat the trail like a deadline, hug a tree and enjoy the landscapes instead

Green office in nature
illustration of a group of hikers

Hikers drawing for intro

Together on the trails, research on the hikers