New focus: Learning how to better deal with conflicts, through hiking

Drawing of a woman at home by the door asking who is it?

Drawing: Facing change 24/7

Drawing of a team connected by a rope, some dragging together one dragging in the other direction

If you want to get to know someone… go hiking with them

Progress doesn’t always feel like it…

Drawing of a penguin with a backpack saying The cold never bothered me anyway

Drawing of a hiking Penguin

Drawing of a can opener saying you need to open up to a closed can

Letting the feet do the work and walk as an alternative therapy, instead of the classic sit and talk thing

Choose a different trail, go hiking instead

Man in the belly of monster

Log: Walking away from indecision notes

Drawing of an elephant room, (the elephant in the room saying)

Walking as a way to move on from stocked situations and stigmatization