Drawing of an elver hiking, walking very llightly

Glimpse of one of the elf creatures along the trail

Man walking with a clock on his back

Time hiker illustration

Hitchhiker illustration, standing with sign saying home please

Some are drifters, some just want to go home…

Illustration of a classic ghost with a backpack

Drawing up hiker types

Drawing of a spiritual hiker

Hiking as a spiritual practice #hikertypes drawings

illustration of an flaneur walking with a backpack, classic dressed gentleman hiker type

Drawing the Flaneur hiker Archetype

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Drawing of a troll hiking

Hiker troll, sketching up some of the more amazing hiker types you can meet on the trails

man with backpack walking and watching birds

Bird-watching and hiking #hikertypes illustration

man, woman and kid in baby carrier out hiking

Drawing up Hiker types

hikertypes - dog hiker illustration, girl with backpack walking with a dog

Drawing up hiker types: Dog hiker, walking with a dog

Woman walking with headlamp at night drawing

The night hiker hiking type

Drawing of a elf hiking, with a backpack in winter time.

Tiny mythical hiker type

Drawing of two expedition hikers, in extreme weather

Expedition hikers, mastering and enduring, extreme conditions and places

Drawing of a woman walking with notebook and pen, writing

The Storyteller hiker – walking to tell stories

Drawing of a woman smiling and walking

The Thrive hiker – walking to feel good

Drawing of an ultra trail hiker walking fast

The Ultra Hiker, walking to push the limits for what is possible

Drawing of a woman walking with a jar with marble pearls

The marble jar hiker – walking as a quest

Woman walking pulling a stone, in a rope, after her

The Recovery hiker, walking to move on