North Sea Trail Research

The NorthSeaTrail project is a now gone huge hiking trail project that might be possible to re-establish. An option that will help the project to create a global web of coastal hiking trails to help us connect, thrive and prepare for sea level rise – See all the trails here:

The North Sea Trail – A huge, but sinking 6000km / 3700 miles North European Coast Trail project

Text and watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt,

The North Sea Trail was a huge and very ambitious Eu and local supported long distance hiking trail project following the coastline of the North Sea between United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. At the moment the destiny of the whole North Sea Trail project looks bleak, as the EU funding period and money has ended.  On some distances the trails are still there. The official North Sea Trail domain name: ( is in 2018 no longer related to the official EU funded project. 

As a large scale coastal trail project the North Sea trail was very interesting. Sadly it is no more and the North Sea Trail might work as a warning that even gigantic hiking trail projects with huge funding can disappear from one day to the next in this digital age.

Many good reasons to keep the North Sea trail alive

For hikers and for all the work that has gone into it so far, it might not be considered to difficult to re-establish the North Sea Trail. Maybe in a new version that takes into consideration the knowledge from the first version and works to make a more solid North SeaTrail version.

The England Coast Path will be ready in 2020 and this long-distance trail is a very good indicator that huge coast trails can be created and it can be and the English coast path might be great inspiration for the next generation of the North Sea Trail

Drawing of the North Sea map in watercolor. artwork by Frits Ahlefeldt
The first North Sea Trail was a huge partly EU financed project now gone

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