Hikers Hall of Fame

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

All hikers are special, all people are special, still the stories of some hikers and walkers stand out, because of one reason or another. Here I will try draw up some of these hikers, and link to where more information about them can be found

Short note on the drawings, Portraits are so damn hard to do, forgive me the lack of resemblance -( especially if you are the one in the drawing ) 🙂

portrait in watercolor of the blind climber Erik Weihenmayer
Erik Weihenmayer (1968 ) American, blind adventurer, first blind man to reach the top of Mount Everest. Talks, writes and films his adventures TouchTheTop.com
Watercolor sketch of Jennifer Pharr Davis
Jennifer Pharr Davis – ( 1983) American Long distance hiker, Jennifer has hiked more than 13.000 miles of trails. She hiked the Appalachian trail in just 46 days ( an average of 47 miles (76 km) a day) JenniferPharrDavis.com




Watercolor of long distance walker and writer Paul Salopek
Paul Salopek – The journalist Paul Salopek is on a walk 21.000 miles in the footsteps of ancient human migration and capturing the story on the way using advanced equipment . You can follow Paul’s story on NationalGeographic: OutofEdenWalk.com
hikingdude-watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
HikingDude – HikingDude (HikingDude.com )  is a +50 hiker who has section hiked and blogged stories about long distances of the US National scenic Trails since 2011. With lots of advice and experience
Andrew Skurka – US hiker and writer of Ultimate hiker’s gear guide. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2007 – Ultra hiked the Great Western Loop, in North America—a 6,875-mile trip, in only 208 days AndrewSkurka.com


Watercolor sketch Saga Clegg
Sage Clegg American ultra-hiker, biologist and ecologist with more than 10.000 miles on foot, mostly in the USA. She holds some of the most prestigious speed records for the US long distance trails. Sage walks and use her background to put a spotlight on endangered nature and species. SageClegg.com
Peter Potterfield (1949) Long distance hiker and journalist / writer, hiked all over the planet : PeterPotterfield.com
Watercolor sketch of Bear Grylls, portrait by Frits Ahlefeldt
Bear Grylls British explorer, survival expert, TV host and former British special service (SAS) soldier. Written over 20 books about survival in the wild and have made a long number of videos about endurance, survival and outdoor skills. BearGrylls.com
M. John Fayhee Epic American hiking bum and writer: “When in Rome, Do as the Romanians” mjohnfayhee.com
Watercolor sketch of Cheryl Strayed
Cheryl Strayed Walked the PCT ( Pacific Crest Trail) in 1995 and wrote the book: “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” ” (2012) about her hike. Her book was later made into a movie, with Reese Witherspoon, as Cheryl Strayed. The story, has helped lift the PCT into global awareness, as both a hiking trail and a self-development-therapy. CherylStrayed.com

Topher Gaylord – Ultra hiker – top outdoor gear companies guy ( North Face, Moutain Hardware, Under Armour )

Scott Jurek – extreme ultra hiker and runner – and vegan, holds a lot of records (endurance runs, hiking trails etc. )  and has been on an vegan 100% plant based diet since 1999 – Writer of the bestseller: Eat & run

Julian Monroe Fisher Ultra long distance hiker – TED talker and Anthropologist – walked more than 345.000 miles just from 1996-2003