WheelHiking Research

Hiking with wheels under the backpack innovation project

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

Research project about new innovations in backpacks and hikers packs – to push or pull your luggage instead of putting load on your back. A few years back people would carry their suitcase, not anymore, wheels make it possible to pull your suitcase, instead of carrying it. Could we see a likewise development of new kinds of backpacks for hiking – This project is about looking at these new trends ,and will also take a look at how many ultra long distance hikers and walkers already use wheels under their gear – especially if they walk for longer than about a month. ( some walks for years, others have no home any more ) 

Research project under development ( 2018 )

The project name “wheelHiking.com” is reserved for the project ( leads to this page on Hiking.org now: Hiking.org/wheelhiking )

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