Filling the basket

Hiking can teach us to take better care of both our personal and global resources

Sketching up nature spirits

Logbook 10 Oct. Link to land spirits – drawings of some of the trolls, elvers and other spirits hikers talk about around the campfire at night

Returning home

Log. 31. Aug. 2018 – The feeling of being back home after a hike illustration

Thru-hikers moment sketch

Logbook 30. August 2018 – Thoughts on that special moment you make it past the last trail-marker, to become a thru-hiker

Make friends with a tree

Logbook 24. August 2018. Connect with a tree – It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Reach out by walking together

Logbook 22. August 2018. Walking together is a unique way to connect with people that can be hard to reach in any other way