How hiking can spark innovation

Drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Walking can make people creative  in new ways. The experts are not really sure why, but it works and has been used by inventors, writers, artists, philosophers, musicians and many, many other creative souls to explore options beyond the edge of the known, to push borders of the established conventions and create new understandings, solutions, designs and art

To hike and to innovate is close related in strange ways, not only in our language, where the metaphors about innovation is filled with paths, dead ends, u-turns and depending on what the pathfinders bring in their “backpacks” and if they can think outside the box and move through unknown terrain, even against the wind… to light up the fire of the new.

Walking is a unique way of creating new understandings and exploring the creative potential of designs

One of the main things on is to connect hiking and innovation, to create thrive, save resources and explore new and more sustainable ways of living on this planet.