drawing of a hippie snail with peace and love signs etc.

Gypsy Hiker

Sketch of a slow moving, but happy hiker

Connecting Hiking trails and cities

Connecting the city centers to the hiking trails can both boost hiking and city life

Drawing of a little dragon

Hikers and Heroes

Logbook note: On trails and dragons

Green office in nature
Watercolor of an old Chimney

Coastal Trail Note

Logbook: Watercolor, Hiking past an old Chimney

Feeling of walking along the sea

Note: “I am the Ocean” Coastal trails and the feeling of the Sea

Drawing of a hiker, by Frits Ahlefeldt
Drawing of a hiker, walking the planet
Drawing of different alternatives to backpacks, most of them with wheels

Drop the Backpack

Fast sketch of alternatives to carry hiking gear on your back

illustration of a group of hikers

Hikers drawing for intro

Together on the trails, research on the hikers

Drawing of a green corridor with hikers and animals, black and white ink version

Hiking Trail through industry

New page about the green benefits of hiking

Black and white Drawing of a landscape with a trail running through it, spelling trails

Hiking trail sketch

Introducing the new page about hiking Trails

Drawing of an elephant room, (the elephant in the room saying)

Walking away from the elephant room

Walking as a way to move on from stocked situations and stigmatization

ink drawing of hiking.org sign

Hiking.org sign

Sketching up the feel of an old hiking sign

Drawing of a circle of trees with roots together

Hiking in the forest – a living network?

Forest trails and research about how trees might communicate and work together

Man sitting in a car looking at the good life

The first step of a thousand miles…

The difficult part of getting out of the car

Man sitting out in a forest asking nature if it can hear him