Technology and Hiking

Drawings about technology and reality

By Frits Ahlefeldt,

When hiking today many hikers use computers, androids, artificial intelligence, social media, drones, GPS-gadgets, smartphones, screens and other new digital and non digital technologies for all kinds of things. These new technologies are rapidly changing how we spend our time and how we connect and see reality.  – not only in the cities, in communities and in the families, but also on the trails, where the new technologies are tested to their limits in all dimensions.

Hiking and technology is today very close connected and the ways hikers use technology is likely to become mainstream soon, because if it will work on the trails it will work everywhere. But this new dimension in hiking is also changing how the next generation understand hiking – Already today many hikers no longer leave to be alone on the trails, connecting to nature, instead they prioritize much of their time to publish, update, log, give feedback, shoot selfies and connect to social media, far away family, trail-rangers or online communities

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