Hiking Gear Intro

There are many opinions about gear, here on Hiking.org/gear focus will be on looking at the different approaches and philosophies to hiking gear.

Question like if something that never breaks down is better than something you can fix easily?   And also look at how new innovative hiking gear can help the rest of the world adapt these innovative and sustainable solutions for extreme hiking use, to everyday problems like cooking and solar charging equipment, phones and other stuff, so our tools and things will work much better and longer, no matter what. 

Wall with hiking gear and Gear written on it
Hiking gear for the trails

This is the very first early version of this page and here are a few of the things I hope to cover on this hiking gear intro:

  • Philosophy and technology
  • Brands and innovation 
  • Gear projects (freaks finding all new ways of doing stuff)
  • How to and fixes, links to survival