Resources, hiking and sustainability

Hiking can teach us to take better care of the world’s resources

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

We can create a more sustainable world if we start to walk more, create new trails and learn how to do much more, with less, by learning from hiking and hikers

Hiking can be for sustainability what the moon-landing was for technology, but only if we start to use the “less is more” strategies that hikers know so well. Because out on the trails you learn how to find, share, save and make the most out of limited resources and travel light.

We’re seven billion+ people on this small planet and we all need water, food, fire and other resources to live from day to day. But most of us use much more than we need, replace our stuff much more often than necessary, and seldom maintain or repair things, either because they can’t be repaired or because it isn’t worth the effort…

On the hiking trails gear needs to last, and you must be able to repair your gear if it breaks down.  Also you have to carry all you need, so you need to be able to use your resources in the most efficient and careful way. Because of this hiking can be a great inspiration for life back home, because if you can do so much with so little on the trails… you can do the same at home