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The Corsica Gr. 20 Hiking trail across the French island of Corsica

The Gr. 20 is a 180km. / 118 miles long cross-island mountain hiking trail across the high, often steep and barren mountains of Corsica. Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean sea, with a mixture of both culture and nature along the coast, but inland Corsica is wild and dominated by steep 1-2km. ( 3250-6500ft.) high mountains The hiking trail is marked all the way and sleeping can be done in the small mountain huts for hikers: “refugees” while zig-zagging the narrow paths across the mountains of Corsica. The hike takes around two weeks, but the speed record is 31 hours ( by UltraRunner Francois D’Haene )

The Gr20 Hiking trail across Corsica is part of the European “Grand Randonee” hiking trail system, one of the most well designed and elaborate hiking trails systems in the world. The way-marking, sleeping and organisation are kept to a  standard according to the GR System of Hiking Trails – alone in France are 60.000km. / 37.000 miles of Gr. hiking trails

The Gr. 20 Trail across Corsica

The Gr. 20 is considered one of the more physical challenging European mountain trails with many descents and accents. Still there are plenty of hikers on the trail and sleeping is either in the small huts ( Gite d’ etapes ) or in a tent in campground by them. Camping other places is not permitted. Food and beverages can be bought at the huts, but some people prefer to bring their own.

Gr. 20 Corsica hiking trail watercolor of trail with hikers, by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Gr. 20 Trail runs mostly in high mountains, but sometimes also in wooded valleys

Research Links

Wikipedia: Gr20 on Wikipedia lots of practical info about the Gr. 20 trail

The Guardian article: Europe’s toughest Trek Gr. 20 Maps and intro to Gr. 20 Gr20 on TrailDino with maps


Film about the Gr. 20 Corsica:

55 min. video about the Gr.20 hike by Vimeo: Red Alert

4 min. time lapse from the Gr. 20 Corsica trail by HugsforHikers

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