Ink sketches people walking past

My years of sketching people walking in the city

Ink drawings of people sketched up while they walked by

Sketches and text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

I started sketching people walking back in the nineties, must be more than 25 years now. I often sad down on a bench in the pedestrian streets, or when it was too cold, in the train stations or where else I could watch people walk by 

Sitting with my drawing gear I sketched up the best I could, their way of walking – The way people move tells a lot of them I realized and it is a great way both to learn to drawn and to study the way people walk. Some walk hurried, other walk heavy, other people drift, float, fight or meander their way forward on foot.

Some look up, others down, or over the shoulder – My sketches must number thousands now… here are a few examples of my studies of people passing by, sketches in ink, made only with brushes:

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