Where to report a ringed bird

Hikers sometimes come across dead birds that has been ring marked. Here hikers can help the mapping of local and global bird populations by documenting their findings on Ringbase.org

Bird ringing and finding dead bird with a ring

Illustration and text Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

The birds of the world are endangered and the amounts of birds are dramatically dropping these years. But as birds migrate long distances, sometimes all across the globe it is hard for the scientists to research exactly how the different populations of bird species are doing – Hikers can help them

If you find a dead bird – take a GPS tagged snapshot of the bird and ring, and note the details as well as you can of place etc. and share it on:


Drawings of bird ringing and research

Drawing of people working with wild birds, ringing and monitoring them. drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Bird watchers work together around the world to understand birds better

Non-texted illustration:

Drawing of a ringed bird and how birders are working to understand bird migration better. Citizen Science drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
The work around ringing and reporting ringed birds

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Wikipedia bird ringing

Europe: Research in Ringed birds: https://euring.org/

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