Trails to help biodiversity

Hikers like to be close to wildlife and walking through landscapes where nature is set free. But it can be a challenge to balance the needs of nature, of habitats and of hikers.

Turnpike design research drawing

When a hiking trail cross a stream the passage can be designed in several ways. All having a huge influence on both the hiking experience and on the place

Stairways design study

When trails starts to rise or fall, at a certain angle stairs are one way of making the trails continue when the terrain gets steeper

Wood bridge feel

Bridges can be made in many ways, from the most flimsy to the solid almost ever lasting bridge designs

Gadbury bridge design

Research: One of the classic ways of building hiking trail bridges is the Gadbury bridge, made of local wood

Sea turtle concept shelter

Concept: a observation post and sleeping shelter along the coast for hikers working with monitoring biodiversity and sea turtles

Teaching kids outdoors

Teaching kids outdoors helps them understand, move and be more happy. Connecting to nature, instead of screens.

Solar power tents

Ideas, sketches and research into how solar power panels and batteries might be used in connection with tents

Hiking and the Common Good

Drawings and thoughts about how hiking and the Common Good might benefit us and each other in a digital future

Climate Trails

Drawing up how hiking trails can help us face climate change and global warming


Land spirits – collection of creatures of a more spiritual nature hikers sometimes share stories about

Food trails

Growing food along the hiking trails, research project about edible trails