North Sea Trail

Existing, but challenged, around 6000km. / 3700 miles long coastal trail project around the North Sea ( part of the Atlantic ) between Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway – partly financed by EU

Wadden Sea Trail

A project for a 500 km. / 300 miles long coast trail along the North European Wadden Sea

Adriatic Coast Trail project for a +3000 km. / 1800 km. coast trail, connecting local coastal hiking trails around the Adriatic Sea ( part of the Mediterranean Sea ) for a 6-12 months long distance hike

Baltic Coast Trail

Hiking Trail project for an 8000km / 5000km. long distance coast trail around the Baltic Sea

Indian Ocean Trail

Project for a long distance coast trail all along the coastline of the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Australia

Pacific Coast Trail

Project for connecting local coast path around the Pacific Ocean into one ultra long distance hiking trail

Atlantic Coast Trail

Hiking org project idea for an international Atlantic Coast trail, connecting the coastal trails around the Atlantic Ocean

Caspian Sea Trail

Project idea for a coastal trail all the 7000km. / 4300 miles around the Caspian Sea, the Largest lake on Earth

Mediterranean Coast Trail

A coastal path around the Mediterranean Sea idea – There are so many good reasons to create a coastal trail around its legendary diverse and culturally rich coast

Black Sea Trail

Project for a long distance coastal hiking trail connecting all the local coast paths around the Black Sea

Climate Trails

Drawing up how hiking trails can help us face climate change and global warming

Coastal Trail Denmark

Research project and walk to sketch up a new understanding of coastal hiking, places and trails