Camino de Santiago

30 days, 780 km. / 585 miles. Spain. Spiritual and cultural trail, ( some walk more or less ) Ends at the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. More than 250.000 yearly hikers and pilgrims

Torres Del Paine

8-9 days approx. 130km. long hike in Patagonia, Chile. Round one of the world's most legendary National parks. Voted fifth most beautiful places on Earth by National Geographic

Mountains of the Moon trail

Rwenzori Mountains - 8-10 days trekking in Uganda, Africa - a trek from dense tropical rain forest and up through five vegetation zones to +5000 m. / 16,000ft. high snow covered peaks in one of the most biodiversity rich areas on Earth.


440km. / 270 miles, 1-4 weeks. A mostly flat mountain trail with many streams and lakes. situated in Northern Sweden, Most hikers only walk the first most Northern (110 km. / 70 miles / 1 week) Mountain huts along the way.

Corsica Gr 20 Trail

Corsica's 180km. / 112 miles ( 2 weeks ) long hiking trail across the high mountains of this Mediterranean island (France) - a hike with official huts/camp-areas along the trail

Inca Trail

A legendary 4-5 days mountain hiking trail in Peru along ancient paths, to the 15 th century Inca ruins Macchu Picho at an altitude of 2430m./ 7970ft.

Snowman Trek

Tough 200 miles / 320 km. high altitude trail, that takes around 25 days, through the Himalaya mountains in Bhutan between India and China

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