Storytelling Space and hiking Research project – landscapes of stories  and trails of words

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Humans have hiked and told stories in ways that points, structure, connect and create our understandings, as long as we have gathered around the campfires at night. Our walks and our language are twins, that grew up together defining who we are. We don’t walk any more – at least not nearly as much as we did as Nomads thousand of years ago. But our stories are still structured like walks, like hikes – along lines, along metaphorical landscapes in the most fascinating ways… this research project work to get closer to the strange connection between our worlds – our trails – and our places

The StorytellingSpace project is under development ( 2017 )

The name has been reserved as a project name, and point to this page on at the moment ( )

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