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Three hikers sitting under a tree in rain, illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

trail space thoughts on a rainy day

Things like rain, wind, trees and rocks sometimes create sudden spaces along the trails

Drawing of a chimney with moon and stars, and a man climbing to the top

Learning from the past – three ways of finding more sustainable paths

Combining experience of what went wrong, with modular design inspiration from nature and cutting edge technology, to create more sustainable and natural solutions and designs

drawing of a small hut with grass roof
Drawing of a green eco house with solar cells, water reservoir and vertical gardens

Concept for solar powered vertical farming eco house

Concept and thoughts about a new generation of green architecture

Drawing of a radical green urban eco house by Frits ahlefeldt

Daydreaming up radical sustainable architecture

Food producing house gathering rainwater from roof concept by Frits Ahlefeldt

Drawing of growing food along the sidewalks in the cities

Urban sidewalk gardening

Elevating thrive in the city with inspiration from the “Food is free” movement

drawing of a man dreaming his dreamhouse
Watercolor of an old building
Drawing of a stone cottage by Frits Ahlefeldt
Watercolor of ChristiansOe fort, ertholmene, Baltic Sea

Watercolor notes from an old coastal community

Place sketches from Ertholmene, some tiny fortified islands out in the middle of the Baltic Sea

drawing of a car sized nature model in a car lot

From car park to National park. A storytelling idea

Could nature park models be placed in the urban context to help us tell their stories?

drawing of a hiking trail to a lighthouse

Walking to a landmark and back trails

Sketch note: When we connect landmarks to the cities along hiking trails something magical happens…

Drawing of a nature architecture cityscape, with design from boxes

Hiking trails in green cities

Green hiking architecture drawing: thinking inside the box for a change

Drawing of a hiker, standing in nature, looking at a reversed city

The smart city is walkable

Using walking trails and technology to put the cities back into context

Drawing of a green coastal village in extreme design

Coastal trails, green villages and climate change

Hiking trails as defense against global warming and extreme weather

drawing of a green village in letters

Hiking between green villages

Walking as a way to strengthen local communities and help the environment

Girl hiking with a tree in the backpack
Drawing of an old dwelling (monastery? ) in the middle of nowhere