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Circle of trees with the roots facing the center

Wood Wide Web Circle

Circle of trees – Wood Wide Web Illustration

watercolor of butterfly and quote by Zhuangzi, chinese philosopher, china

Dreamt I was a butterfly

Fluttering Reality – Watercolor sketches of butterflies

Watercolor of Persh fish

Freshwater fish – stream trails

Watercolor study of some freshwater fish, working to understand stream and waterway trails

Drawing of an fur man, with a backpack and a long beard

Off grid hiker

Becoming one with nature, living off the land connecting to the universe, the old school way

Drawing of a woman with a guitar, hiking with a backpack and an instrument

Music hiker

The Music Hiker – Making music and singing songs along the hiking trails

Badger watercolor

Autumn on the trails

Wildlife watercolor sketches, Squirrel, Fox and badger

Baby leatherback turtle in Watercolor

A day with Leatherback sea turtle watercolors

Painting turtles in watercolor Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt   Endangered Sea turtles, Leatherbacks are endangered, I spent today doing sketches of these amazing animals

Coastal paths, research watercolors of animals

Sketching up birds, mammals and fish from along the coastal trails Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org Here are the bird, fish and mammal watercolors from the last few days: (Alternative: Click on one of […]

Sketching grey seals in watercolor

Study of wildlife along the coastal trails Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt. Hiking.org The Grey Seal is a huge sea predator, living along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea and other places. […]

Watercolor of an old building
Drawing of a stone cottage by Frits Ahlefeldt
Ink drawing of sailors in an old pub

Fishermen in the old inn

Sketching up special places along the coastal trails

Drawing of a box with nature in it
Watercolor of an old house

Sketching places and listening to stories

Drawing places sometimes make the locals share their stories with you

Watercolor of ChristiansOe fort, ertholmene, Baltic Sea

Watercolor notes from an old coastal community

Place sketches from Ertholmene, some tiny fortified islands out in the middle of the Baltic Sea

drawing of a car sized nature model in a car lot

From car park to National park. A storytelling idea

Could nature park models be placed in the urban context to help us tell their stories?

Frog watercolor sketches

Watching frogs can be part of a great hiking experience Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt

Salamander watercolour by frits Ahlefeldt

Water biodiversity often depends on if people care

Walking along rivers and streams, hikers can secure and care for local biodiversity