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Watercolor of wildlife in suits

12 good reasons to preserve wilderness

We need to preserve the last areas of wilderness on the planet, here are 12 reasons why

Biodiversity matters

Getting ready for a day sketching up what biodiversity is and why it matters together with 300 experts

Drawing of a truck with a very long straw stopping by a small well

The flawed logic of the longest straw

When short term solutions destroy long term benefits

Baby leatherback turtle in Watercolor

A day with Leatherback sea turtle watercolors

Painting turtles in watercolor Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt   Endangered Sea turtles, Leatherbacks are endangered, I spent today doing sketches of these amazing animals

Coastal paths, research watercolors of animals

Sketching up birds, mammals and fish from along the coastal trails Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org Here are the bird, fish and mammal watercolors from the last few days: (Alternative: Click on one of […]

Sketching grey seals in watercolor

Study of wildlife along the coastal trails Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt. Hiking.org The Grey Seal is a huge sea predator, living along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea and other places. […]

Drawing of a box with nature in it

Frog watercolor sketches

Watching frogs can be part of a great hiking experience Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt

Salamander watercolour by frits Ahlefeldt

Water biodiversity often depends on if people care

Walking along rivers and streams, hikers can secure and care for local biodiversity

Drawing of nature in a closed and open jar
Drawing of hikers picking wild fruit and food

Wild food and hiking

Learning from the Food is Free movement

Crossing a river of cars

Connecting hiking trails across roads for hikers and wildlife

Growing wild food along the hiking trails

Helping biodiversity, locals and hikers at the same time by making the trails edible

Two rescue robots with a wounded tree

Can technology help rescue nature?

Can we help the environment, through the use of smart technology, when out hiking?

Drawing of a truck filled with nature pass hiker, heading out to see what is left

Why leave no trace is not enough anymore

Should hikers become more active caretakers of nature?

Sketch for a lagoon shaped off-shore wind turbine maximizing biodiversity

Sustainable wind power for remote shelters idea

Sketches and ideas for off-shore biodiversity wind-turbines to charge off-grid shelters for hikers