Tag: Concept-drawings

Pencil drawings of ideas and concepts

Sketch of a V3Solar power generator mounted on a backpack - drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Cone solar power for hiking concept

Idea for an ultra-efficient, direction independent backpack mounted solar power panel

Concept for a self driving backpack

Self driving wheel backpacks

Sketching up my ideas for what hiking might be in the future

Drawing of a green eco house with solar cells, water reservoir and vertical gardens

Concept for solar powered vertical farming eco house

Concept and thoughts about a new generation of green architecture

Drawing of a radical green urban eco house by Frits ahlefeldt

Daydreaming up radical sustainable architecture

Food producing house gathering rainwater from roof concept by Frits Ahlefeldt

Non electrical trail use wheelchairs

wheelchair for hiking research sketches

Research drawings and ideas for trail going wheelchairs

Sketch of the Nubrella umbrella design

Could this wearable umbrella work for hiking?

Wearable design: Keeping out of the rain, instead of keeping the rain out

Drawing of an origami looking hiking rain dress

Future Hiking Rain gear Research

Extreme rain gear for the future – New project and sketches

Traditional hemp clothing illustration

Traditional straw garment raincoat Asia

Inspiration for innovation in sustainable outdoor gear

drawing of Turkish Kepenek Shepherd garment wool felt

Kepenek Hiking rain gear inspiration

Learning from traditional cultures, when designing sustainable hiking equipment

Sketch for a lagoon shaped off-shore wind turbine maximizing biodiversity

Sustainable wind power for remote shelters idea

Sketches and ideas for off-shore biodiversity wind-turbines to charge off-grid shelters for hikers